Sunday, December 28, 2008

I've been Tagged...*sigh*

I've been tagged by the notorious Miss Sue (man did I regret reading that post until the end!) being a good samaritan..I shall play along..and therefore the following tag questions will be answered in Malay.

(a) Citer 10 perkara ttg orang yg tag aku nih

1- SURAYA kenal dgn aku dah lebih dr 10 tahun
2- SURAYA sekolah agama n sekolah menengah sama dgn aku
3- SURAYA antu buku...ko kasi jela buku ape..sure leh abis dlm sehari!!
4- SURAYA terer buat kek n la antu seko lagi yg suke melantak kek die!
5- SURAYA suke sgt ckp 'sengal'!!!agak2 dlm sehari mau 134 kali die ckp perkataan nih!
6- SURAYA ni gak antu ARASHI!!! (booooo)--idup KANJANI8!!hahahahahah
7- SURAYA pun minat jepon gak cm aku!!
8- SuRAYA nih berlipat kali ganda lagi terrorist dari aku..memang sampai ke sudah tak dpt nk lawan die!
9- SURAYA juga dikhabarkan bakal menamatkan zaman bujangnye..dgn sape?ntah aku pun x tau!! (su pun tak tau!!hahahahah)
10- SURAYA nak belanja aku sebab puji dia banyak...aku nk JCO donat 10 biji yek!

(b) Citer 10 perkara ttg diri aku

1- aku suka melukis
2- aku suka amik gamba
3- aku suka anything Jpon
4- aku penyayang binatang especially kucing
5- aku suke joget2 tak kire masa (kdg2 kt public sampai kwn2 pun buat2 x knal!)
6- aku baru jadi cikgu
7- aku tgh carik side income
8- aku rindu nak jumpe member2 kt uni and BFFs aku
9- aku sekarang tengah baca THE LOVELY BONES..baru m/s 12!
10-aku ngantok

(c) Aku kene tag 10 org lain.
Aku tak tau ramai org yg ade blog..maka aku x dpt tag 10 org...aku tag 2 je:

take your time..

Piccies Time...part Deux

* Yoshinoya Chicken Katsu with tamago*

* Mussel Gratin at Delifrance*

*Chicken Lasagna at Delifrance*

*Caramel beverages (hot & cold) at Big Apple Donuts*

*Da famous polkadots box*

*Heck, I was dazed at naming donuts!just enjoy the picture!*

*Wendy's Chili*

all pictures were taken during my trip to KL last month..oh boy I missed the hussle n bussle of a metropolitan city...when can I rekindle myself in the life that is KL?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

what the heck went wrong with my laptop?

i've been trying to update my blog but the options and icons to insert pictures n videos aren't available!! so that's why I can't update my blog!!!

finally today they decided to make a rare appearance, so I better put some pics now before these icons left!

these r some pics from my recent trip to KL last month:

*my room where I stayed..the smallest room I've ever been in but it's ok*

*Wendy's!!! I can't freaking believe the day would come!!!*

*lobster bisque from Delifrance*

Friday, November 21, 2008

piccies in PAN PAC

piccies time!!

among the shots I managed to click with my crappy digicam and crappier handphone...

* "how many times must I tell u, its HANI, not SURAYA!!"*

* smile, you're on Honey camera*

* free notebook, free file, free paper..I LIKE!*

* Our first speaker, Dr Sufean Husin

(who told us that Bicarbonat soda is the secret to his smooth skin!!)*

* my lovely room!!! (this is not my bed,its my roomate's yeoh)*

Among the perks of having lived for five days in Pan Pacific KLIA is THE FOOD....although the total pairing of the set meals were soooo unsuitable (whoever wanna eat ikan sardin masak kicap with nasi tomato??), but overall it was all sooo scrumptious, especially the cakes and desserts..a little setback was, all we had to drink were coffee, tea, and plain water..I even had to buy a freakin' coke at McDonalds in KLIA (which costed twice as much!) just to have that sweet liquid rush to my brain...

* nasi putih+mussels+breaded fish+veggies*

* this chocolate cake was the best I had in my life!!*

* yup, I plate this one myself!! mussels and salad with thousand island dressing!!!*

* coconut jelly with tropical fruits! (only the lucky ones got the strawberry!!)*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


wow,its been like 2 weeks since I last updated!!

I've been away for a week last week to attend a workshop seminar in Pan Pacific KLIA, which I half-anticipated, half-dreading..but throughout my stay there, I was actually glad to have attented the workshop; I got to meet new people,fellow English tutors and lecturers who are sooo much better than me at teaching!they all mesmerized me and aspired me to become a better educator!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

hi y'all,

Yesterday was quite an event. My birthday was yesterday. Usually I don't make a fuss about it cos' when I really think about it, why am I celebrating on myself being older, grumpier and chunkier?? but yesterday was a big difference..I got the best birthday present ever; Barack Obama's presidental won. Nothing could be anything sweeter than that I tell ya, even though technically it had nothing to do with me cos' I'm not American, but hey, it's good to see them Americans are for once, thinking straight.

Yesterday evening, I did my own celebration by treating myself to Marrybrown. Actually I was waiting for my bus to come and since Marrybrown was just in front of the bus station, I could use some restin' ( ok I lied, I just wanna sit on the swings!)..but I definately wasn't ready to cough up RM9.50 for curly fries, a piece of chicken and an ice lemon tea!!! they are soooo lucky it's my birthday, and I'm in a good mood!!

*for those of u who missed Mcdonalds curly fries, eat em' here cos it's the same fries*

I will be in KL from 10 to 14th November, which will be next week. I gotta attend this course for young lecturers....kinda dreading it cos I still have a lot to do here, but kinda anticipating it because it will be held in Pan Pacific KLIA...sweeeet!! Then the week after that I will again make my way to KL, this time for a stress free vacation with my friends!! wooohooo!!!! can't wait!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's been a while since I've updated...been soooo busy with work nowadays...a lot has been happening this past week...good things and bad things.

I have officially called this month 'the somber month', due to the passings of family members of my friends,my student, and the passing of my uncle last week...My heart and prayers goes out to all of them,may they be strong to overcome such trial.

On a totally different note, I went back home to enjoy a 3-day stress-free break, as I was too tensed with work lately..It felt so gooooood to be back!!

And the moment I entered the door, my dad greeted me with a parcel from Singapore! my lip gloss has arrived!!! I won a bid on a Stila lip gloss, and the best part was that it only costs me RM10!!including postage!! what a steal!!

*my first ever parcel from Singapore!!*

* It came perfectly wrapped with a Stila sticker!*

* ta-Dah!!!*

The next day,which was Saturday, I got another parcel, this time from the States, which could only mean a thing...My DVD is finally here!!!!

I have been dying to buy Cool Runnings for a long time, and now I finally got the chance to buy em' out of my own pocket!

* If you can squint your eyes,the square 'chop' was from the Customs*
(the reason why it came late)

*drum roll*

And 5 minutes ago, my dad informed me that Huda's imported REDBALLOON cds have arrived straight up from Hong Kong!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

MeLakA's Visit


I spent my weekend in Melaka,visiting my aunt and having the chance to go back to the wonder that is Melaka. I haven't been there in like 3 years, and recently I was sooo stressed out, I could really use a break!!!

I arrived at my aunt's house Friday night (really late night!!) along with my uncle and aunt whm I'm living with in Batu Pahat...the moment we arrived, I went straight to bed cos I was soooo sleepy!! the next day,we were served with a buffet of breakfast!

* (l-r) apam,kuih keria,kuih koci (ate em' all)*

* nasi lemak...(brrp)*

*deep fried sukun!!!haven't had this in a loong time!!*

Afterwards, I followed my aunt to Tesco Melaka to buy some groceries,here are some interesting things I found there:

* a SHAKEY'S??? such a rarity to find one anywhere!!*

* For those who wanna feel like a superman
(or Faizal Tahir for that matter!!)*

* A guy doing a smart blender demo*

*what a variety and colors!!!!*

*hmm...Kluang in Melaka???*

I wanna take more piccies but my handphone battery went kaput not long after this pic was taken!!!

Overall, I had a great time, albeit being a little tired..shoot, I even forgot that Monday's still going to pay me a visit!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

2nd post today..

Last two weeks,just before I had to go back to work,my parents decided to visit our relatives (in conjuction with the aidilfitri celebration of course) in Parit Karjo, one of the many 'parits' that are available in Batu Pahat..We were there to visit my mom's aunt and uncles who live right next to one another..While there, I noticed this old abandoned house right in front of my great uncle's house, but didn't care much, until afterwards when my mom told me that,that house was the house that my grandma grew up in,and it has been there since the 1920s..It amazed me how it can still be standing there, having survived the war and,the termites...Therefore I took these pictures for keepsake, in case they decided to pull down the house later on,which I highly doubt though since it is now a chicken coop..too bad nobody have the time to maintain it...*sigh

the house is surrounded by several palm trees

notice the rooster??

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First off...

I actually lost my old blog account, so I decided, what the hey, just do another one!

Yesterday after work, I decided to stop by Batu Pahat Mall, the latest attraction in Batu Pahat, just in order to do some retail therapy, cos my goodness, I can definately use it!!! I have been so busy and stressed out with work, just walking around the mall is already considered a therapy for me!!!! I even treated myself to a pair of shoes! on sale!!!

It was only then did I realized that we women soooo cannot live without shopping!!