Friday, October 2, 2009

Mah Swaps arrived!!!


i was greeted by 2 packages this morning!!! my swaps r here!!

one is for the 100 stickers partner is Jennifer from Illinois, and man, her sticker collection is fantastic!!!

and the second package is the newbie friendly swap, which I received from Allicia who lives in Australia:

tea leaves in many flavours!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I felt a tremor, but thought it's a headche...

I was shocked, majorly shocked to learn that the 'dizziness' I felt for 30 seconds yesterday evening (probably about 6.40pm), was actually a tremor due to the earthquake in western Sumatera...I was in my office on the second floor when it hit..I didn't notice that my office lights were also shaking..but the most noticeable part was that my chair move left and right,therefore I thought "hey why suddenly I have a headche?"...after a few minutes, I went online and some of my pals on facebook said, "hey u felt that earthquake??"


the Earthquake recorded a magnitude of 7.6 rithcer scale.

Credits to Reuters

here's the actual location of the earthquake.

May God protect us.