Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's a GOOOOOOD day

Now this is what I called a good day:

Went to the office an hour ago,and I was surprised with two surprises!!!

a parcel greeted me, which means my swap is here!!!! this is from the "I can't get it here" swap!! My swap partner is Laetitia from France!

Let's open it, shall we???

lovely chocolates from France!!!!!! how cool!!!! and none of em' melts!
I did mention in my swap requirement that I cannot eat anything that has pork, alcohol or gelatine in case people want to send food items..and she followed them to the last letter, and she labeled all of the chocolates,confirming that there's no gelatine in any of the chocolates, since everything is written in French!! how sweet!

this is what she sent:

almond and nut choco bar!!

pralines from Carrefour which isn't available here..and man,it is toe-curlingly goooood...

royal noir mini chocolate bars...i haven't devour this one yet

the nestle Lion bar..seen this one in a candy blog..I think this one has rice crispies and peanuts in them..

Ferrero Duplo..we only got the rocher here, never this one..and I wondered why!!! this is soooooo freaking delicious!!! we should get this in Malaysia already!

now this one is actually my fave,and ironically, I hate HELLO KITTY..Laetitia sai that this is what they called pressed sweetcake.

took a bite, and it's tasty!! tasted like dorayaki!

the filling is red bean...just a hint of sweetness in it, which is perfect for my palate!

and last but not least, a postcard from paris!!

and just when I thought the parcel had made my day.....

*leaps for joy!!* half a year doing proofreading and translation...I thought they'll never pay me, but hey hey!!! although I'm supposed to get twice the amount stated in the cheque..but oh well, who cares!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

nEw dIgIcam, nEw AdvenTures!

*drum rolls* introducing.....MY NEW CAMERA!! oh wow, 6 months of pure, hard mental labour finally paid off!!!!! since my old Canon Powershot A430 which my dad bought for my 22nd birthday decided to rest in peace (due to it's sensor), I had to skim off every penny for months in order to buy a new digicam...been eyeing this baby for a while, and finally, it's mine!!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mah Swaps arrived!!!


i was greeted by 2 packages this morning!!! my swaps r here!!

one is for the 100 stickers partner is Jennifer from Illinois, and man, her sticker collection is fantastic!!!

and the second package is the newbie friendly swap, which I received from Allicia who lives in Australia:

tea leaves in many flavours!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I felt a tremor, but thought it's a headche...

I was shocked, majorly shocked to learn that the 'dizziness' I felt for 30 seconds yesterday evening (probably about 6.40pm), was actually a tremor due to the earthquake in western Sumatera...I was in my office on the second floor when it hit..I didn't notice that my office lights were also shaking..but the most noticeable part was that my chair move left and right,therefore I thought "hey why suddenly I have a headche?"...after a few minutes, I went online and some of my pals on facebook said, "hey u felt that earthquake??"


the Earthquake recorded a magnitude of 7.6 rithcer scale.

Credits to Reuters

here's the actual location of the earthquake.

May God protect us.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SwaP MeeT!!!!

I recently signed to this swapping at Swap Bot! it's where we can swap things like candies, clothes, jewellery....basically the limit is endless!!...this activity is usually for those who loves getting something in their one day I decided to join, to find out whether this is all just a bru-ha-ha "too good to be true" thing...I decided to join a candy swap called 'sugar rush' here are basic guides when swapping:

1) if u r new with swapping, u will be called a 'newbie' (swapping slang for newcomers), newbies may have quite a limit to the things that he/she can swap, as there's no proof by others that this newbie has ever posted anything yet.

2)there are a lot of swap categories, ranging from email, recipes,clothes, drawing, and food (my favourite)...there's even a category specially made for newbies..i recommend u join the newbie category 1st.

3)pick whichever swap that may fulfill your desire...look at the detail information of the swap...some swaps are regional,and not meant for international swappers.

4)look closely at the number of partners (ppl who you'll be sending your stuffs to).. the more partners, the more money u need to fork out (basically for the postage fees)

5)look for the deadline and observe it closely...u must send your swap before or on the day of deadline.

6)once u have send your package,u just need to wait for yours to arrive!!

and I got mine just yesterday!!! it's from Jennifer who lives in Toronto..

these r the candies that she sent me:

some chocolate toffees

baskin robbins hard candy (cookies n cream and choc mint)...i never know baskin robbins makes candies!!!

wonka sweettarts squeez

incredible hulk popping candy with lollipop

wonka's sweettarts

some lollipops...can't see the brand

pop rocks!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to devour every single one of these afterwards!!!

if you're wondering...I did mention in my specification that I can't eat anything that has gelatin or have any element of pork...and Jennifer followed my specification to the last letter...its very important to mention to your partners about your likes n case you'll get something u hate, u can't really blame them right??

after you have receive packages from your partners, u have to rate them, giving them a maximum of 5 stars if u love what they sent.

so if u decided to be a swapper, happy swapping!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Me Want New Shoes!!

My shoes managed to land in gucky, yucky, mud while I was walking to class...and I just saw this on someone's blog....

onitsuka collaboration with tokidoki shoes...apparently, it is only available in Japan...sob sob...I want new shoes...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome Ramadhan

I hope its not too late to wish all of my fellow Muslims, Ramadhan Kareem.

Monday, July 27, 2009

She's gone,truly gone

It's hard to put my recent thought into words right now...right now I'm in a state of dumbfounded-ness over the passing of one of Malaysia's most aspiring filmmakers, Yasmin Ahmad...she is truly gone, and there's a part of me that is still in denial about that fact...questions started to roll into my mind, "who's going to make me cry and touched at the same time this year?"(refering to her petronas commercials).. and I think one of the reasons for me trying to deny it was because the day that she collapsed at TV3 (last thursday),hours before, I just went to her blog. And I noticed that her recent posts are somewhat similar in nature; about people's passings and death.

I have always adored her films and supported them by watching at the cinemas (for Gubra and Mukhsin)...I didn't manage to watch her latest offering, Talentime due to hectic work scheduele.

Sure, she is controversial seems that people who criticized her works before, to me, is denying their own reality, because that is what Yasmin tried to portray ; true Malaysians.

We will miss you Yasmin.