Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm am multitasking as always...doing 4 things at once...including updating my blog!

right now I'm doing 2 different translation for a fellow lecturer and for the university's handbook. Goodness thing they're paying rm0.10 per word...and I have 5 pages..that equals...quite a sum I think??!! hopefully...I am also doing college comparison for my department...and tomorrow I'll be heading back to JB, not for a vacay...but for a meeting...sob sob...

while doing my translation, I'm listening non-stop to this song in particular, through youtube..I usually avoid listening to Indonesian songs, but this one just got me...the melody, the lyrics and the fact that it's Rossa, my fave Indonesian singer.

I can't think of a good meaning for this song in English, cos' my brain have been packed with education terms right now...but maybe I'll post it later..
man, Pasha is sooooo damn adorable!why have I been neglecting you all this while???

They definately make a cute couple...too bad Rossa is married, although hers has been a rocky, publicized marriage. Pasha meanwhile, had just finalized his divorce.

Man, I'm late for a meeting!! see ya when i see ya!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

uptown JB

I totally believe in the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure". One of my guilty pleasures is to rampage through old stuffs usually in the form of gawking at yard sales,car boot sales and the likes, where other people resell their old stuffs they don't want anymore, a concept which I love, since you can get rid of your stuffs and at the same time, get some income!!!

So when I went back home last weekend, my sis asked me to follow her to Uptown JB, the latest hip spot in JB (at 11pm nonetheless)...I just couldn't say no!

Uptown JB is situated wherelse,UPTOWN!it has been there for about 2 years I's kinda like a night market mixed with car boot sale, because half of the place is filled with vendors and the other half is filled with sellers and traders.It's open till late, I mean 2am late. Here, people sell merely everything...seriously everything....from old cameras,happy meal toys, posters of celebrities and washing machines..yes..washing machines...

here are some pics that I manage to get with my phone...the others are either blurry or dark..

I myself got to buy this:

isn't it cute??????????? and it only cost RM8!!! it is still usable,albeit the bottle is just a little dented,but it was really minor...and it's perfect for my office!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dum dee Dum

I had to go back early yesterday cos' my stomach hurt...from not eating....I only had two curry puffs from this morning, and by noon my tummy started to make beautiful music, but since I was busy with a lot of things, I decided to let it create more beautiful music until it's tired...but I was wrong, it never got tired!!! so I rushed back at 4, cooked myself some instant noodle with minced meat and bak choy and watched tv...ahhh..perfect.

And while watching tv, I was attracted with this program on RCTI (an Indonesian channel) called "Minta Tolong!" (Help!)'s a reality tv at its best, where they give out money, lots of em' to anyone willing to help a victim out of trouble...the victims are usually real people, not actors who are in a very difficult situation, ranging from a young mother with a baby whose trying to find her missing husband, to a little girl whose trying to sell off partially burnt schoolbooks in order for her to buy new ones...Here is where you get to see real human nature..but usually the target here are the needy people,not the rich (As Indonesians are either waay too rich or waaay too poor)

I cried today when the person who won the money was actually a homeless elder woman who live under a bridge with her husband,eating anything edible that they can find, and she is willing to give out cardboards that she used as a 'rug' to a woman who was finding cardboards to fix her own walls at home.

Never have I felt more relieved to be where I am now,sitting on my comfy chair, a roof over my head,internet access and a money (although not much)...and yet I keep complaining why my life sucks...

oh here's an episode where an old man goes all around town asking if anyone wants to use his shoe polishing service, just so in order that he could buy medicine for his grandchild. It's in Indonesian and there's no sub I'm afraid..