Friday, November 21, 2008

piccies in PAN PAC

piccies time!!

among the shots I managed to click with my crappy digicam and crappier handphone...

* "how many times must I tell u, its HANI, not SURAYA!!"*

* smile, you're on Honey camera*

* free notebook, free file, free paper..I LIKE!*

* Our first speaker, Dr Sufean Husin

(who told us that Bicarbonat soda is the secret to his smooth skin!!)*

* my lovely room!!! (this is not my bed,its my roomate's yeoh)*

Among the perks of having lived for five days in Pan Pacific KLIA is THE FOOD....although the total pairing of the set meals were soooo unsuitable (whoever wanna eat ikan sardin masak kicap with nasi tomato??), but overall it was all sooo scrumptious, especially the cakes and desserts..a little setback was, all we had to drink were coffee, tea, and plain water..I even had to buy a freakin' coke at McDonalds in KLIA (which costed twice as much!) just to have that sweet liquid rush to my brain...

* nasi putih+mussels+breaded fish+veggies*

* this chocolate cake was the best I had in my life!!*

* yup, I plate this one myself!! mussels and salad with thousand island dressing!!!*

* coconut jelly with tropical fruits! (only the lucky ones got the strawberry!!)*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


wow,its been like 2 weeks since I last updated!!

I've been away for a week last week to attend a workshop seminar in Pan Pacific KLIA, which I half-anticipated, half-dreading..but throughout my stay there, I was actually glad to have attented the workshop; I got to meet new people,fellow English tutors and lecturers who are sooo much better than me at teaching!they all mesmerized me and aspired me to become a better educator!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

hi y'all,

Yesterday was quite an event. My birthday was yesterday. Usually I don't make a fuss about it cos' when I really think about it, why am I celebrating on myself being older, grumpier and chunkier?? but yesterday was a big difference..I got the best birthday present ever; Barack Obama's presidental won. Nothing could be anything sweeter than that I tell ya, even though technically it had nothing to do with me cos' I'm not American, but hey, it's good to see them Americans are for once, thinking straight.

Yesterday evening, I did my own celebration by treating myself to Marrybrown. Actually I was waiting for my bus to come and since Marrybrown was just in front of the bus station, I could use some restin' ( ok I lied, I just wanna sit on the swings!)..but I definately wasn't ready to cough up RM9.50 for curly fries, a piece of chicken and an ice lemon tea!!! they are soooo lucky it's my birthday, and I'm in a good mood!!

*for those of u who missed Mcdonalds curly fries, eat em' here cos it's the same fries*

I will be in KL from 10 to 14th November, which will be next week. I gotta attend this course for young lecturers....kinda dreading it cos I still have a lot to do here, but kinda anticipating it because it will be held in Pan Pacific KLIA...sweeeet!! Then the week after that I will again make my way to KL, this time for a stress free vacation with my friends!! wooohooo!!!! can't wait!!!