Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding Nemo

Oh nemo nemo nemo..u made mama scared u know!!

Why mama??

Well, you have been missing for 5 days that's why!!

I went for a short walk...then I forgot my way back home...

No you didn't!!! you were searching for she-cats to knock up right?right???!!


That's it! next week we're gonna see Dr Mohan and snip snip!

no!!! *faints*

----- What would have been a dialogue between me and Nemo (who went missing for 5 days and had me worried!!turns out he's a young adult male cat and, well you know what young adult male cats like to need to paint a picture for you)..I've been wanting to neuter him forever and this might be the perfect time for him then!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunday = fun day!

Today is Sunday. Today I'm in JB. Today my nieces aren't with my parents. Today I can have some peace. Today I can spend my Sunday with my parents. Just me, ayah and mak. ah bless be to God!

Since mak is not big on walking somewhere without any purposes, I decided to bring them to Plaza Angsana, since she needed to buy sewing materials, and it's been A WHILE since I visited Angsana, which I used to call my second home (as it was 5 minutes away from home)..not a lot change, except for some new shops opening, and one of them is i Donuts & Coffee, a donut shop set to challenge other major donut chains.. as I have never seen one before, I'm guessing this is their 1st outlet. The concept is pretty much similar to Big Apple and J co, although the donuts could use more variety in terms of flavour..but they are making it a bit different by selling cupcakes..which I shamelessly bought.

the outlet, which is located on the lower ground floor, in front of Watsons


there were about 12 flavours altogether.. I bought 3 just to sample. Each donut will cost you RM2.30

(l-r) Chocolate Banana, Almond and Choco Rice

the cupcakes..there were also 12 flavours..I bought the ones that had the least amount of icing cos usually they're just crappy buttercream with no hint of flavour..the one on top is vanilla, the chocolate one is called chocolate coco crispies .

the ever so curious Riz, who wanted to lick off the icing!!!

the chocolate one was okay, although the choco crispies is hardly crispy..but the vanilla one was blah...the icing WAS buttercream..with RM3.50 a cupcake, I'd be better off making my own batch of cuppies..but it was worth the try!

before heading back home, we decided to stop by Perodua to have a look at.....

the new MYVI!!!!

isn't it a beauty??? I wanna have a look at the purple one, but the guy said it will only come out on August..hmph.

I loved the new interior!!!

Me want one!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ayah and Me

It's father's day today...a day I guess is rarely spent as a special day with my own father..not that I don't love was never practiced in our family..both my parents are oldschool and don't really believe in all this celebration crap...however as their daughter, me and my sister will try our best to make them feel appreciated and loved..but rarely on the day itself..maybe on their birthday..sometimes just out of the blue! there's no need for us to express our love on a certain day.

but let's leave it at that shall we... I decided to dedicate this post specially for my father, Aziz bin Ahmad. In my household he is more affectionately known as Ayah..he's 61 this year and is a retired ticketing officer who worked for Malaysian Airlines since he's 19 (back then it was known as MSA- Malaysia Singapore Airlines)..He's the youngest boy in his family of 14..which made him very close with my late grandma. He was a classified nerd back then cos he's been wearing spectacles since he's ten..and I beat him when I wore my first pair when I was 8!
* my nerdy ayah*

Growing up, I hated my mum, as she was the disciplinarian...anything I did wrong, I will be severely punished by my mother...but never by my dad..he's the more relaxed, tolerant parent..he would do all he can to make me and my sister happy..although at times he is strict with us, don't get me wrong.

And as I'm growing older, I discovered how much of my father is in me...I can safely say I inherited 85% of his traits; be it his looks or interest. First of all, I got my myopia from him! our optometrist has confirmed its hereditary, since both me and sisters were myopic at a very young age..that's the only thing I wish I never inherited from my father! however, the rest, I'm happy with.

how we are similar:

1) We both love photography and can talk about it for hours. My fondest memory growing up would definitely have to be how he would photographed me and my sister every moment he can..back then I thought all dads have cameras hanging around their necks 24/7!

2) We both like extraterrestrial stuffs- UFOs and the likes.

3) We both love The Beatles - although I can pretty much beat him if there were any quiz about the Fab four!!

4) I actually got my passion for drawing from him - something I always thought I got from my mum. My aunts mentioned how my dad loved to draw vehicles and animals growing up.

5) We both love to travel and see the dad's lucky cos he worked for MAS which back then have the biggest job perks!! who doesn't want to travel for free??

*ayah during his trips to Europe*

but there are traits in which I did not inherit from him which are:

1) his love for bright,bright colours (especially orange!!)
2) his love for old,old,old music.
3) his love for football and how he can debate about it for hours.
4) his love for cars (my sister got this one)
5) his athletic skills (he's a great footballer and badminton player..damn.)

*ayah with my sister in front of our house*

*me and ayah - I loved this picture cos I looked so precious!! hehehehe*

*Me and ayah -1994 @ Trafalgar Square London. *

*What can I say, I'm a daddy's girl!!*

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Pickin' Time!

Last Saturday me n my gal pals went to Rengit to do some scavenging! for those of you who r wondering, 'what in the world would you want to do there?', well here's the answer. Rengit, a small town in the area of Pontian (about an hour ride from JB) is the best place to get second hand items straight from Singapore...the sellers? Orang Asli who would sell their goods right in the comfort of their makeshift tents/homes.

Being a fan of American Pickers on History Channel, I always want to have the experience of going through old stuff inside someone's old garage, spotting something valuable. And I managed to do exactly just that!

The American Pickers - Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

The list of stuff they have here is endless..from the common things like electrical items, to the weird (a pair of angel wings!) all you need are very sharp eyes to search for a good item, and very good haggling skills ! got both? then you can guarantee to get a good bargain here.

some pictures I managed to capture :

Here we are..let the scavenging begins!

Fans, fans & fans!

Kiddie rides!

The iron board is for sold separately lol

The rice cooker graveyard...I tend to avoid buying electrical items as there are no guarantee to how long these things will last once you bought them. These cookers will rest in peace..until they find a new owner.

That's my two gal pals, Kak Sab and Kak Gee, who were bargain hunters! They came home with two sets of huge mirrors at a bargain!

One of the 'shops'...things are either neatly arranged like this, or they could be piled, or they could just be thrown into a huge box..making the scavenging all the more fun!

There were a lot of baby prams available during my visit...some were from expensive brands like Combi, and most are still in very good condition!

Love love love this rocking chair!! the seller wouldn't go lower than RM230 as it is in a very good condition.

A mini Harley which will cost ya RM550

I really wanted this wooden was calling my name!! it was still in a good condition albeit the scratch marks at the bottom ; fixable. I ask the seller for the price : RM60..I left the shop (since my budget is RM30 max). Hopefully by my next visit it will still be there!

This is the weirdest (yet the coolest) thing I saw...a pair of angel wings...any theater club or cosplayer would die to own one of this!

After making our rounds, visiting each shops (there are about twenty shops I think)...I was dead tired but had such a great time picking through stuff!! in the end, I bought this:

A play house for my cat Nemo. Yes, I spent all that hours and ended up buying something not for myself! It originally cost RM30, and I ask for RM10, seller wouldn't budge, then I move to RM15, still she wouldn't budge, then I offered RM20. She accepted.

It is still functional, the scratch post is hardly scratched. I just need to clean it a bit as it was quite dusty when I bought it.

Went home, presented Nemo with his play house...HE LOVED IT!! look at his face!!!!

Nemo : This shall be my throne from now bring me my food!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan's Tragedy

Japan has always been a country I am very fond's been a dream of mine to visit this beautiful country someday. So it came as a shock to first hear that Northeastern Japan was hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake, which was followed by a tsunami..up to this moment, official death toll confirmed by Japanese government has reached 1,000 , although it is feared that over 10,000 lives were lost during the disaster, which has been dubbed by the government as "the worst tragedy after the World War II"

On the day of the disaster, to be honest, I wasn't paying much attention to the news as I thought it was just a small earthquake, maybe little impact..little did I know the magnitude was equal to the one that hit Indonesia in 2004..then the news showed videos of aerial view of the tsunami waves, sweeping away houses, vehicles, ships..even aircraft carriers..THEN I paid attention. It was devastating to see those videos, knowing that there is nothing you can do but watch. I can't imagine having to experience such tragedy, which made me thankful of where I am living.

My heart goes out to the people of Japan.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Feast With your Eyes ^_^

I have been dying to post pictures of food that I took with my Nikon here they are!

pineapple upside down cake I made last Sunday(My first attempt!)

cut, done in 2 minutes!
barbecue chicken I made on the same day

from the oven....

Yesterday me and my dearest yaya sister, Kak Sabrina went to Kluang (which was like 20 minutes away from our house) to have breakfast, just to have breakfast...and boy, it was worth the journey cos' we went to the infamous Kluang Rail Coffee, right at the Kluang Rail Station itself! we arrived exactly at 8.20 am and was just sooooo fortunate to get a table (which we shared later with 2 strangers).

if your breakfast mantra is eat, stop, read newspaper, chat, eat some more, slurp your coffee slowly, this is sooooo NOT the place for you....not when there's 10 people gawking 5 meters away from you like hawks, yelling in their hearts saying "when the hell these people are gonna finish??", you are expected to eat as fast as you can and leave..but no worries about the service cos they have the best crew!!

Kluang Railway Station
Inside the shop (I think that signboard is new)
Aww shucks, they're closed on Thursday?!
one of the permanent advertorial in the shop

some folks enjoying coffee
some breakfast dishes ready for your tummies
this is my appetizer : 2 half boiled eggs just the way I like it
entree : 2 sets of kaya toast (crunchy albeit a bit warm)
I think these are old coffee pots they used to use decades ago

phew! I think there r more pics my hands are tired from typing so maybe more updates later (if I can find the time!)