Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ayah and Me

It's father's day today...a day I guess is rarely spent as a special day with my own father..not that I don't love was never practiced in our family..both my parents are oldschool and don't really believe in all this celebration crap...however as their daughter, me and my sister will try our best to make them feel appreciated and loved..but rarely on the day itself..maybe on their birthday..sometimes just out of the blue! there's no need for us to express our love on a certain day.

but let's leave it at that shall we... I decided to dedicate this post specially for my father, Aziz bin Ahmad. In my household he is more affectionately known as Ayah..he's 61 this year and is a retired ticketing officer who worked for Malaysian Airlines since he's 19 (back then it was known as MSA- Malaysia Singapore Airlines)..He's the youngest boy in his family of 14..which made him very close with my late grandma. He was a classified nerd back then cos he's been wearing spectacles since he's ten..and I beat him when I wore my first pair when I was 8!
* my nerdy ayah*

Growing up, I hated my mum, as she was the disciplinarian...anything I did wrong, I will be severely punished by my mother...but never by my dad..he's the more relaxed, tolerant parent..he would do all he can to make me and my sister happy..although at times he is strict with us, don't get me wrong.

And as I'm growing older, I discovered how much of my father is in me...I can safely say I inherited 85% of his traits; be it his looks or interest. First of all, I got my myopia from him! our optometrist has confirmed its hereditary, since both me and sisters were myopic at a very young age..that's the only thing I wish I never inherited from my father! however, the rest, I'm happy with.

how we are similar:

1) We both love photography and can talk about it for hours. My fondest memory growing up would definitely have to be how he would photographed me and my sister every moment he can..back then I thought all dads have cameras hanging around their necks 24/7!

2) We both like extraterrestrial stuffs- UFOs and the likes.

3) We both love The Beatles - although I can pretty much beat him if there were any quiz about the Fab four!!

4) I actually got my passion for drawing from him - something I always thought I got from my mum. My aunts mentioned how my dad loved to draw vehicles and animals growing up.

5) We both love to travel and see the dad's lucky cos he worked for MAS which back then have the biggest job perks!! who doesn't want to travel for free??

*ayah during his trips to Europe*

but there are traits in which I did not inherit from him which are:

1) his love for bright,bright colours (especially orange!!)
2) his love for old,old,old music.
3) his love for football and how he can debate about it for hours.
4) his love for cars (my sister got this one)
5) his athletic skills (he's a great footballer and badminton player..damn.)

*ayah with my sister in front of our house*

*me and ayah - I loved this picture cos I looked so precious!! hehehehe*

*Me and ayah -1994 @ Trafalgar Square London. *

*What can I say, I'm a daddy's girl!!*

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dill said...

handsome pakcik Aziz. pasni bleh suruh hani blanje 1 kotak baju T wane baik punye. striking orange, pink, purple etc :)

Happy Father's Day, Uncle :)


~SaL IjOu~ said...

Happy father's day jugak uncle Aziz! hehe..

clavriene said...

dilla - ayah aku ensem? haahahahaha nerd ada la!!

sal - thx sal, sudi gak ko singgah blog aku yg usang ni hahahahha

~SaL IjOu~ said...

hahaha..mana ada usang..sorryla jarang jenguk ko tetap lam hati aku..hehe