Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Pickin' Time!

Last Saturday me n my gal pals went to Rengit to do some scavenging! for those of you who r wondering, 'what in the world would you want to do there?', well here's the answer. Rengit, a small town in the area of Pontian (about an hour ride from JB) is the best place to get second hand items straight from Singapore...the sellers? Orang Asli who would sell their goods right in the comfort of their makeshift tents/homes.

Being a fan of American Pickers on History Channel, I always want to have the experience of going through old stuff inside someone's old garage, spotting something valuable. And I managed to do exactly just that!

The American Pickers - Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

The list of stuff they have here is endless..from the common things like electrical items, to the weird (a pair of angel wings!) all you need are very sharp eyes to search for a good item, and very good haggling skills ! got both? then you can guarantee to get a good bargain here.

some pictures I managed to capture :

Here we are..let the scavenging begins!

Fans, fans & fans!

Kiddie rides!

The iron board is for sold separately lol

The rice cooker graveyard...I tend to avoid buying electrical items as there are no guarantee to how long these things will last once you bought them. These cookers will rest in peace..until they find a new owner.

That's my two gal pals, Kak Sab and Kak Gee, who were bargain hunters! They came home with two sets of huge mirrors at a bargain!

One of the 'shops'...things are either neatly arranged like this, or they could be piled, or they could just be thrown into a huge box..making the scavenging all the more fun!

There were a lot of baby prams available during my visit...some were from expensive brands like Combi, and most are still in very good condition!

Love love love this rocking chair!! the seller wouldn't go lower than RM230 as it is in a very good condition.

A mini Harley which will cost ya RM550

I really wanted this wooden was calling my name!! it was still in a good condition albeit the scratch marks at the bottom ; fixable. I ask the seller for the price : RM60..I left the shop (since my budget is RM30 max). Hopefully by my next visit it will still be there!

This is the weirdest (yet the coolest) thing I saw...a pair of angel wings...any theater club or cosplayer would die to own one of this!

After making our rounds, visiting each shops (there are about twenty shops I think)...I was dead tired but had such a great time picking through stuff!! in the end, I bought this:

A play house for my cat Nemo. Yes, I spent all that hours and ended up buying something not for myself! It originally cost RM30, and I ask for RM10, seller wouldn't budge, then I move to RM15, still she wouldn't budge, then I offered RM20. She accepted.

It is still functional, the scratch post is hardly scratched. I just need to clean it a bit as it was quite dusty when I bought it.

Went home, presented Nemo with his play house...HE LOVED IT!! look at his face!!!!

Nemo : This shall be my throne from now bring me my food!


dill said...

eh! ko update!

bile2 sile bawak aku jalan2 sane ye. maju windows shopping!


clavriene said...

aku biase la..suke buat cameo kt blog sendiri!! kejap ade kejap xde!!