Saturday, May 29, 2010

wHAT the heck happened?!

oh my....been a, work, work, and no play, made me too grumpy to give an update to my oh so monotonous life....but i was compelled to try and change that by giving an update on the most industruous thing i've done in recent time....going to my induction course (yes..that's right.)

but to me,its definately a cool experience...being sent away for 11 days and 10 nights at a place so freaking far away from people, and there's no way you can escape..and provisions only comes in every 3 days by request..11 days without internet is torturous....but i endured everything with God's was fun being 'a frog trapped under a clear glass' (as mentioned by one the keynote speakers).

my induction course took place at Pusat Latihan Felcra Tebing Tinggi,Segamat, Johor, a very secluded, serene place, specially designed to facilitate people like us, course participants...the rooms were ok, at least there's a 14inch tv to keep us company..the bathroom was spacious and waaaay cleaner than most 4star hotels, and the food...delectable to the last bite (i'm gaining 2kilos when i weighed in 3 hours ago!)...the not so fun part? having to endure a routine activity from 6.50am to 11.30pm..even worse when nearing the end, none of us can have a good night's rest, having slept at 3am almost every night...everyday starts off with a morning exercise/aerobics/poco2/freestyle exercise, followed by breakfast,going back to room to shower, go down to the hall for lectures,then to lunch and solat zuhur, go back down for more lectures,go for dinner, go back to room for solat, go back down for more lectures, go for supper, then up to the room and zzzzzzzzz...(doesn't sound exhausting?wait till' u try this yourselves).and you can't leave until you went through 3 hours of exam time...i am soooo glad it's over, and i can't imagine having to go through that ALL.OVER.AGAIN. (please let me pass!!)

and on another note, something i noticed throughout my trip was that, there are a lot of flies here...and i mean a LOT...and these cretins are of special breed : those that won't budge when you shoo'ed them..and no matter how many times u do that, it will come back and are some shots (bear in mind, i didn't zoom my camera,my camera was literally in front, like 2 inches away) :

lol..ok enuuf with the flies...probably more on that later..or maybe not.