Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's a GOOOOOOD day

Now this is what I called a good day:

Went to the office an hour ago,and I was surprised with two surprises!!!

a parcel greeted me, which means my swap is here!!!! this is from the "I can't get it here" swap!! My swap partner is Laetitia from France!

Let's open it, shall we???

lovely chocolates from France!!!!!! how cool!!!! and none of em' melts!
I did mention in my swap requirement that I cannot eat anything that has pork, alcohol or gelatine in case people want to send food items..and she followed them to the last letter, and she labeled all of the chocolates,confirming that there's no gelatine in any of the chocolates, since everything is written in French!! how sweet!

this is what she sent:

almond and nut choco bar!!

pralines from Carrefour which isn't available here..and man,it is toe-curlingly goooood...

royal noir mini chocolate bars...i haven't devour this one yet

the nestle Lion bar..seen this one in a candy blog..I think this one has rice crispies and peanuts in them..

Ferrero Duplo..we only got the rocher here, never this one..and I wondered why!!! this is soooooo freaking delicious!!! we should get this in Malaysia already!

now this one is actually my fave,and ironically, I hate HELLO KITTY..Laetitia sai that this is what they called pressed sweetcake.

took a bite, and it's tasty!! tasted like dorayaki!

the filling is red bean...just a hint of sweetness in it, which is perfect for my palate!

and last but not least, a postcard from paris!!

and just when I thought the parcel had made my day.....

*leaps for joy!!* half a year doing proofreading and translation...I thought they'll never pay me, but hey hey!!! although I'm supposed to get twice the amount stated in the cheque..but oh well, who cares!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

nEw dIgIcam, nEw AdvenTures!

*drum rolls* introducing.....MY NEW CAMERA!! oh wow, 6 months of pure, hard mental labour finally paid off!!!!! since my old Canon Powershot A430 which my dad bought for my 22nd birthday decided to rest in peace (due to it's sensor), I had to skim off every penny for months in order to buy a new digicam...been eyeing this baby for a while, and finally, it's mine!!!!!