Thursday, January 29, 2009

how's my life you ask?

whoa....its been yoinks since I updated this blog of mine....guess I have caught the plague of the working citizens and netizens alike....the 'busy-bee' plague...I have tons and tons of work to be done, assignments to mark, research funding forms to fill, yadda yadda was only less than 24 hours since I arrived from my folks' home, and I already missed em'!! gosh darn it!

I have been living in Parit Raja for about a month now, and this place actually rawks! stuffs here is mega cheap..I mean C to the H to the E to the A to the P. Plus, we're ten minutes away from Air Hitam (literally translated : black water), a haven for cheapskates like me, cos this place is stacked with things that are cheap, pirated, yet the quality is tip to the top! what a steal!!

*Patrick and Garfield for sale! (rm10=US3)*

* Tons of other immitations hulapalooza! the choice is yours!*
*coin banks at rm5 each (US1.50!)*

Friday, January 9, 2009

BOREdom in the exam hall

Last Monday, I was asked to invigilate an English placement test for new intake students at my I had to go, otherwise they're gonna be breathing down my neck! I was bored to death, since the exam was from 5pm to 6.30pm, so yeah, one and a half hour of catwalking down the exam hall,from the front to the back, repeating the same process over and over, in order to beat down the boredom, I took some picture of doodles from the empty tables in the hall..very interesting doodles!!these were among the best :

* smells like teen spirit!!*

* I can bet you that this was drawn by a girl!*

* "Attention, the camera in front is watching you!*
(our exam hall is equipped with build-in monitor cameras)

*whoever drew this but be screwed during the exam!look at the details!!*

*kids, don't ever write down formulas on the exam table.ever.*

* The Stroke!!!*

Friday, January 2, 2009

so damn tired!

The new semester at my uni just started about 4 days,new semester means new students to deal with, new classes to go to, new venues to search for, and new problems to face...I was exhausted for 4 days straight, having no rest since day 1 of the semester..and now I have been loaded with new tasks...but well, I'm always positive about it..there's no way I'm complaining about having too much thing to do (though I am complaining of how tired it's making me)!

Just yesterday, while waiting for a meeting to begin, I sat down at my faculty office to read the hands were holding it, yet my head went like this :

........................I have got to have a FULL DAY nap this weekend.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

is it new year already???

It's freaking January already???? man time flies off waaaay too quickly for me!! Nope, no past year's resolution were ever fulfilled, since I made no such resolution at the start of 2007!!but all that will change!! I've yet to think of it yet....but hopefully I will be able to fulfill em' all...but heck, rules are made to be broken!

anyways,I would like to wish all of u a Happy New Year! May this year brings more joy than misery to all of us!