Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've been tagged!!!!

Curse you Dill!!! wahahahahah...joking2..while I got the time here, I better do this before I got busy again!
The questions were originally posted in Malay but I have translate em'..
1) What color shirt are you wearing now?
~dark pink...ooh wait I think there's a name for it..Fuschia??~
2) Are you a shopaholic?
~ kinda...when I have the money, I always wanna do some splurging,and I have the tendency to buy things I will never use!!~
3) Do you believe in love at first sight?
Can't say that I do, but I can't say I don't either...ask me again when I'm married will ya?~
4) What are you doing now?
~Doing this tag of course!!geez...~
5) What is your current emotion?
~yesterday, it was sheer panic, but today I felt relieved...~
1. Were you born ?
~5th November~
2. Is the greatest moment of your life?
~ I can't singled out any!! there's too much,way too much great memories!!!~
3. Was the last time you were scolded by your parents?
~ Can't really remember....~
4. Will you get married?
~ I asked this very question to myself 2 weeks be honest with you, I can never pictured myself getting married!! Although it will be great to have a better half who loves you!
5. Who do you wanna tag??
~Just anyone who read this post and wanna devote 5 minutes of their life to this!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

inTroduCing....*drum rolls*

This is sooooo worth the update!! 2 days ago (Sunday), my father called me and said that my elder sister is in labor and has been in the women's clinic for an hour now...I was kinda hoping the baby would come out A.S.A.P, but my sis had to go through 12 hours of undescribable pain (remind me not to have kids,ever)...then the moment we've all been waiting for is here :

she has yet to have a name, still waiting on my parent's decision on her name. But whatever the name, I will adore and pamper her forever and ever!!