Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunday = fun day!

Today is Sunday. Today I'm in JB. Today my nieces aren't with my parents. Today I can have some peace. Today I can spend my Sunday with my parents. Just me, ayah and mak. ah bless be to God!

Since mak is not big on walking somewhere without any purposes, I decided to bring them to Plaza Angsana, since she needed to buy sewing materials, and it's been A WHILE since I visited Angsana, which I used to call my second home (as it was 5 minutes away from home)..not a lot change, except for some new shops opening, and one of them is i Donuts & Coffee, a donut shop set to challenge other major donut chains.. as I have never seen one before, I'm guessing this is their 1st outlet. The concept is pretty much similar to Big Apple and J co, although the donuts could use more variety in terms of flavour..but they are making it a bit different by selling cupcakes..which I shamelessly bought.

the outlet, which is located on the lower ground floor, in front of Watsons


there were about 12 flavours altogether.. I bought 3 just to sample. Each donut will cost you RM2.30

(l-r) Chocolate Banana, Almond and Choco Rice

the cupcakes..there were also 12 flavours..I bought the ones that had the least amount of icing cos usually they're just crappy buttercream with no hint of flavour..the one on top is vanilla, the chocolate one is called chocolate coco crispies .

the ever so curious Riz, who wanted to lick off the icing!!!

the chocolate one was okay, although the choco crispies is hardly crispy..but the vanilla one was blah...the icing WAS buttercream..with RM3.50 a cupcake, I'd be better off making my own batch of cuppies..but it was worth the try!

before heading back home, we decided to stop by Perodua to have a look at.....

the new MYVI!!!!

isn't it a beauty??? I wanna have a look at the purple one, but the guy said it will only come out on August..hmph.

I loved the new interior!!!

Me want one!!!


dill said...

banyaknye krim die. konfem aku pensan kalo makan krim tu. hehe


clavriene said...

tu krim die dah sket la tu..ade lain yg bertimbun...lupe nak amik gambo tempat kapkek mmg kalerful..senang terpedaya hehehe

circleinspoon said...

wohoy...camana aku xtau ada kedai donut kat angsana tu weh?!! (nampak nah lamo giler tak pi angsana). tapi kalo balik jb musti tak sempat nak jejalan ke hape. lepak kat umah je pun best. bukannya selalu dapat balik oii.ngehngeh

circleinspoon said...

and jap. whaat?!!! a purple myvi??

clavriene said...

sue - ko balik x ckp org..memang la xsempat nak jln memane!! ko nak blk jb bagitau, aku leh bwk ko, jgn riso!!

~SaL IjOu~ said...

myvi baru tu lagi kecik kan~