Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding Nemo

Oh nemo nemo nemo..u made mama scared u know!!

Why mama??

Well, you have been missing for 5 days that's why!!

I went for a short walk...then I forgot my way back home...

No you didn't!!! you were searching for she-cats to knock up right?right???!!


That's it! next week we're gonna see Dr Mohan and snip snip!

no!!! *faints*

----- What would have been a dialogue between me and Nemo (who went missing for 5 days and had me worried!!turns out he's a young adult male cat and, well you know what young adult male cats like to need to paint a picture for you)..I've been wanting to neuter him forever and this might be the perfect time for him then!!


dill said...

haha! kang beranak pinak lak kucen lain. ^^

wynn said...

... tapi hani, rugi laa... anak2 dia pon pasti comel mcm dia ;)