Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan's Tragedy

Japan has always been a country I am very fond's been a dream of mine to visit this beautiful country someday. So it came as a shock to first hear that Northeastern Japan was hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake, which was followed by a tsunami..up to this moment, official death toll confirmed by Japanese government has reached 1,000 , although it is feared that over 10,000 lives were lost during the disaster, which has been dubbed by the government as "the worst tragedy after the World War II"

On the day of the disaster, to be honest, I wasn't paying much attention to the news as I thought it was just a small earthquake, maybe little impact..little did I know the magnitude was equal to the one that hit Indonesia in 2004..then the news showed videos of aerial view of the tsunami waves, sweeping away houses, vehicles, ships..even aircraft carriers..THEN I paid attention. It was devastating to see those videos, knowing that there is nothing you can do but watch. I can't imagine having to experience such tragedy, which made me thankful of where I am living.

My heart goes out to the people of Japan.


Miss Dill said...

psst, tsunami crashed Indonesia in 2004.

by the way, lets hope the Japanese will be okay.

no more dead body please.

clavriene said...

yup..slh tekan da..dh post br terperasan..good eye!