Monday, November 29, 2010

Feast With your Eyes ^_^

I have been dying to post pictures of food that I took with my Nikon here they are!

pineapple upside down cake I made last Sunday(My first attempt!)

cut, done in 2 minutes!
barbecue chicken I made on the same day

from the oven....

Yesterday me and my dearest yaya sister, Kak Sabrina went to Kluang (which was like 20 minutes away from our house) to have breakfast, just to have breakfast...and boy, it was worth the journey cos' we went to the infamous Kluang Rail Coffee, right at the Kluang Rail Station itself! we arrived exactly at 8.20 am and was just sooooo fortunate to get a table (which we shared later with 2 strangers).

if your breakfast mantra is eat, stop, read newspaper, chat, eat some more, slurp your coffee slowly, this is sooooo NOT the place for you....not when there's 10 people gawking 5 meters away from you like hawks, yelling in their hearts saying "when the hell these people are gonna finish??", you are expected to eat as fast as you can and leave..but no worries about the service cos they have the best crew!!

Kluang Railway Station
Inside the shop (I think that signboard is new)
Aww shucks, they're closed on Thursday?!
one of the permanent advertorial in the shop

some folks enjoying coffee
some breakfast dishes ready for your tummies
this is my appetizer : 2 half boiled eggs just the way I like it
entree : 2 sets of kaya toast (crunchy albeit a bit warm)
I think these are old coffee pots they used to use decades ago

phew! I think there r more pics my hands are tired from typing so maybe more updates later (if I can find the time!)

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Atie said...

hani!! wahh food story tuu... nape tak singgah umah akak masa nak pegi kluang tu? boleh kita breakfast sama2, dgn anak2 akak tu ;)))